Every life has a story, what does yours say?

Life is fleeting. I didn't realize the impact of that until I had children, and the reality of "they grow up to fast" truly hit me. I started telling our story from my lens, and it lit a fire in my soul to capture moments. Not the perfect looking moments, but the real moments...the ones you look back on and you FEEL.

Hi, I am Maggie.

I am an portrait photographer transplanted from Minnesota to Texas. I'm a mom to 4 amazing kids, and I've been married to my hubby 15 years. Our home is a perfect mix of chaos and love, complete with 3 dogs, a cat, a hamster and a fish.

When I'm not capturing life's moments through my lens I'm teaching in a pre-school classroom, making custom apparel, or empowering others to take control of their wellness journey. Pretty much tapping into my creative juices whenever I can.

I'm a crunchy urban hippie who loves blue jeans and bare feet, coffee and gardening, Jesus and my mama too.

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“Maggie is so great to work with! So patient and flexible!”